Johanna  Kleinert

Food preservation_Degree Project

With these canning jars I propose a contemporary equivalent to the traditional WECK-glasses.
A new way of sealing the jars is the basic idea of the design. The new seal is based on an o-ring which has several advantages compared to the conventional flat gasket. The o-ring-seal facilitates the opening of the vacuum-sealed jars. In addition to this, the jars can be used for storage of dry food – without vacuum.
The upper part of the lid is not glazed, so that it can be
labeled directly with a water-soluble pen.
The aim of the jars is to encourage people to get involved in the food production chain and reclaim self-responsibility.
Part two of this project is a concept for an iPad-App about food canning.
Based on a calendar of regional and seasonal produce, the App explains in a simple way the processes of canning food in a steam oven. It also features a collection of recipes and keeps the information about the preserved food.